What We Treat

Mood Effective Disorders

Mood swings

Bipolar disorders

Mania (delusion, hallucination) etc

Neurotic Stress related Disorders


Panic attacks 

Social phobias 

Low confidence 

Inferiority complex 

Lack of concentration 

Loss of memory 



Psycho somatic disorder

Post traumatic stress disorder etc

Adult Personality Disorders


Emotionally unstable
Anxious, etc

Organic Mental Disorder

dementia, delirium etc

Mental and Behavioral Disorder due to Psycho Active Substance use

Hallucinogens etc

Psychological Developmental delays in Kids

Delayed milestones in talking

Walking etc,
Low intellect
Low memory power, MR etc

Behavioral and emotional disorders in childhood


Conduct disorder
Oppositional defiant disorder
Sibling rivalry
Exam fear
Social anxiety etc.


Benefits of Homeopathy

Our Consultation Process


Evaluation of root cause of health problem for lasting cure


Diagnosis of the health problem according to ICD 10 Classification and lab reports?


A customized treatment planfor holistic well being

Consultation Packages


Initial Consultation 1 hour with medicine - for 15 days

Registration Fee:INR 100/-
Consultation Fee: INR 1000/-
Other countries :$25

Follow up charges

Consultation charge: INR 500/-
Other countries:$20

Psycho analysis with Homeopathic Treatment

Initial Consultation - 1 hour

Registration Fee:INR 100/-
Consultation Fee: INR 1500/-
Other countries:$40

Follow up charges for half hour


Counseling + Medicine Fee: INR 500/ half hour
Other countries:$40

1 year Consultation Package for Psychiatric Disorders

Visits: 20
Indian Citizen:  INR 9000/-
Others: $600

Free Yoga sessions,

Diet and Life style corrections
Unlimited messages/emails when required.
No need to pay extra if met with acute ailments in between.
Extra 5 consultations in emergency

Frequently Asked Question

Homoeopathy is a perfectly simple system of medicine, remaining always fixed in its principle of cure by stronger similar remedy, drug proved on human body and peculiar medicinal preparation in its practice. Homoeopathic remedies and cures are affected based on sole therapeutic law of nature that obtains in them: Cure by symptom similarity.

  1. No side effects unlike conventional treatment and lasting cure hence reached a growth of 200 million users. Youngest medical system having only 200 years of history integrating old genetic science and modern epigenetic science.  Be it infectious acute or chronic non communicable diseases (NCD’s) Homeopathy stood test of time!

By raising your immunity level and self healing power through natural medicines prepared in a special way so that it is easily permeable even to make changes in mental level – a place where modern scalpel yet to reach!

True Healthcare for your family

Serve the nation by improving the quality of life through better health. We have put protocols to provide necessary health care.