Diabetic care through Homeopathy

Diabetic Care or Cure? Often the most controversial subject whirling around unanswered in the Medical field. Let us discuss what is Diabetes and how Homoeopathy can shed light on it so that we get to know later whether care or cure, which is the best term to suffix Diabetes.

what is Diabetes?

It is not a disease of Pancreas alone rather it is a syndrome characterized by the persistent increase of glucose in the blood. If untreated can, later on, lead to acute and chronic complications affecting the whole body and mind. Diabetes classified into  Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes, and others such as 1.5 Diabetes.  Disturbance in normal balance in the factors regulating Carbohydrate mechanism can lead to Diabetes. In the majority of cases, it is the inability to store sugar as glycogen hence it increases and absorbed in renal tubules in the kidney. After explaining theories over theories now it says, diabetes is not due to an insufficient amount of Insulin secreted by Islets of Langerhans but it is the antagonistic action of Pancreas, Pituitary, Thyroid, and Adrenal glands together that leads to Diabetic syndrome. An anti Insulin factor secretion is also to be considered. Hence we should have a system of medicine that acts on the whole organism so that it creates a homo stasis within the body. Homoeopathy is a  holistic system where it has an action on the whole organism rather than action only on a specific single organ.

Symptoms: Increased thirst, hunger, urination. Other symptoms are fatigue, numbness, and burning sensation, weight loss, slow healing wounds, dark skin patches, blurred vision according to the stage of the disease.


It’s a derangement of sugar “HOMEOSTASIS” and also It’s an “INBORN ERROR” of sugar metabolism. The enzymatic defect that limits the functional capacity of Insulin and one or more missed the link in a chain of a complex mechanism, which converts sugar into energy and heat.

Foremost cause is ‘Hereditary’ then stress, ethnic differences, Indiscretions in diet, Pregnancy, Obesity, Pancreatic, Extra Pancreatic, Pituitary, Adrenal, Dopamine, GIT, Other medication-induced, etc. Let us discuss the cause which is important for patients as well as for Homoeopathic treatment.

  1. A) Hereditary (INBORN ERROR): 

It’s one of the basic causes of Diabetes and it is a genetic defect with the presence or absence of accessory factors such as age, various races and ethnic groups, error in diet, stress, etc. The Non-Diabetics may act as a carrier to the next generation; as we all know grandparent’s gene which is recessive in their children gets expressed in their grandchildren (Atavism). In every cell, there is a specific gene for every specific enzyme. When a gene is altered its corresponding enzyme gets altered. Hormones such as Insulin and glucagon increases or decreases with altered enzymatic reaction ie; a genetically defective gene causes an enzymatic malfunction which may lead to Diabetes.

Role of Homoeopathy :

Let’s read the above passage in reverse

altered Hormones <- altered Enzyme <- altered “Gene”.

Hence the basic problem is in the gene. Let’s discuss how a gene gets altered? There should be some strong powerful internal or external agents to cause a change in the gene. Hereditary disease means, there should be a single person who started the chain to begin with. For eg:  the then considered first couple ‘Adam and Hawwa’ should have started the chain. It is illogical; because if so, the entire descendants should get affected by that. So some other cause has changed the genetic pattern at some stage. Our genetic code gets fixed during time of conception and it gets influenced either; before (spermatogenesis period), during and after conception (gestational period).

These stages can get influenced

(a) Externally by exposing to powerful physical noxious agents Eg: spraying of Endosulphan causing genetic defects.

(b) Internally by mental stress. Eg: Here in the case of Diabetes, as it is more of a lifestyle disease, strong mental stress plays a major role – stress-induced Diabetes.

Gene selection is a random selection process so if creating a positive ambience ie; if you are able to live a stress-free life your descendants will remain healthy. In regard to you, even though if you have a genetic predisposition to get a familial disease, diseases won’t get affected if you can cope up with your stress more effectively. Homoeopathy takes cares of you at any stage of life. Hence Diabetes can be cared for or cured in this generation or even can prevent passing on the disease to the next generation with suitable Homoeopathic medicine. Various races and ethnic groups demonstrate differences in glucose metabolism, again supports the importance of the hereditary factors. These aspects of Diabetes are especially important for a multi-ethnic country such as India. “Heredity is the gun and environment is the trigger”.

  1. B) Stress

Stress results in the derangement of HOMEOSTASIS. Recurrent and persistent physical and mental stress in the family and at the workplace slowly leads to pancreatic exhaustion; as the above condition causes a sharp rise (spike) in blood glucose levels causing a demanding situation on the pancreas which results in pancreatic exhaustion in due course of time. The same happens in a person who has excessive consumption of carbohydrate or indiscriminate consumption of sugar and glucose to get instant energy.  Stress can be managed successfully and can create homeostasis by ourselves within our body, as nature has given us inborn power to heal ourselves. The stress which is not controlled properly can lead to mental and physical diseases including diabetes which require medical attention, hence a system that gives importance to the cause can give you better results that is Homoeopathy.

Homoeopathic therapeutics in Diabetes and it’s prognosis:

Diabetes can be dealt with beautifully through Homoeopathy by adopting different strategies according to the cause and particular symptoms experienced by the patient. Prognosis depends on so many factors like age of the patient, duration of the illness, concurrent diseases and its medication, past history of the patient and his family, the present state of health, his sensitivity, recent or past physical or mental stress and strain in the family and at his workplace. If more causes present, diabetes will be intensified so it becomes a complex disease that will be difficult to treat, however, it can care well. Homoeopathy has a lot of medicines for Diabetic patients selected purely on the totality of symptoms particular to the individual. Hence whether your condition can be suffixed with cared or cured depends on you and your Homoeopathic Doctor after thorough assessment only. Hence don’t let hope to go once you get diagnosed that you have diabetes. In a 5 and half year Indian Medical education system, Homeopathy is the only system where psychology is a subject in the first-year curriculum, as a psychological approach in the patient care goes a long way in mitigating many diseases including Diabetic syndrome. And also Diet and Exercise is an inseparable part of the treatment. Each Homoeopathic medicine is proved on Healthy human beings so that it is devoid of side effects and is safe to use as it is extracted from nature. Proper selection and administration of constitutional Homeopathic medicine after case taking, analysis, and repretorisation is very effective in Diabetes.

In a nutshell, we can say Diabetes is a slowly progressive disease where you don’t have to panic to do any emergency treatment when initially get diagnosed. A Homoeopathic doctor can better treat diabetes if you are going as a fresh case rather than who is already under other modes of medication. Less the duration and multi-system involvement more the chance of cure, and the condition which cannot be cured can be endured with the hope of minimizing complications and symptomatic relief. Be close with nature and create homeostasis within the body through Homeopathy!

Author- Dr. Anaswara Dev