RENAISSANCE 21ST CENTURY – Time to evolve and make the future better.

First Prize winner in article writing contest conducted by IHMA on April 10th, 2020 on RENAISSANCE 21ST CENTURY Time to evolve and make the future better.

From a global perspective, science has advanced till moon marking our presence in space as well as tamed the ferocious lions on earth. However, the invisible microbes have apparently sitting high in the throne of the food chain succumbing to the lives of human beings. The renaissance has ensued in the souls of the medical world by captivating a U-turn in the 21st century by expecting the bodily power to cure the latest infectious disease, a phenomenon which was once rejected by the afflux of germ theory in the later years of 19th century. Sequel in the form of Non-communicable diseases excited by the infection is another leading cause of death which may also grope in dark for a cure in due course. The world is standing stunned with substantial economic burden without exploring the power of alternative medical systems like Homoeopathy and its power on influencing the vital force, a renaissance already happened in 1796 through Dr Hahnemann, an Allopathic Doctor cum Chemist.                              Homoeopathy is the safest way of treatment according to the law of nature – ‘Cure by Symptom Similarity’. Moreover, the ultra dilution followed by succession process makes any content permeable into the minute cells with the power to “Cure without after-sufferings”. Dr Hahnemann owes the credit of discovering the nature of chronic diseases and its cure through pure observation and experimentation on human beings for long twelve years till 1828. Presently, the research studies have proved leprosy as the oldest infectious disease on earth and also pointed out that various infections can lead to chronic diseases that are in par with Dr Hahnemann’s observations. The Homoeopathy when born roars loud its glory across globe tackling epidemics and chronic diseases. Though later it flowed only with turbulence and now it stands straight with documental proofs of efficacy just like how the Newtonian linear thinking has evolved into Einstein’s theories in other fields of science. Curiously enough the critics constantly seek scientific evidence through a microscope, which itself has evolved to discover nanoparticles only recently. Homoeopathic books on its fundamentals have written in the 1800s in the context of the then prevailed circumstances hence few statements remain contradictory for instance the bloodletting practice of the Allopathic system which has completely outdated and rejected by the Modern Allopathy on the grounds of biomedicine.  Exploratory literary review and clinical research studies reported the beneficial therapeutic effects, however; the mechanism of action remains less studied and stands controversial. With due respect, we should make aware of other medical brotherhood that, all have witnessed even the surge of antibiotics which showed supremacy for decades is acting a retired life in epidemic crisis. Science has become a science by evolving hence there is a multitude of phenomena yet to unravel to become phenomenal, unfortunately, to mention even the abiogenesis. Uranium unearthed only when the man has invented drilling machines likewise an innovation of more laboratory equipment exclusively for the Homeopathic system is yet to be considered by the researchers.  By implementing innovative strategies in the higher end through furnishing the verified clinical documents in the single open portal to get accessed by the government bodies, stretching to the lower end by educating common people even in the remotest areas can ramify its glory across the globe. In quintessence, it is high time for the evolution of an integrated medical community as it lessens the gap of limitation of the entire medical system to shape a better future life. In the view of the catastrophic health expenditure, Homoeopathy offers great promise by virtue of having no remarkable side effects and demonstrable beneficial clinical effects and hence needs more attention of the government bodies to bring out its full potential. Instead of keeping parameters to teach a cat to fly, the world should view from a psychological point of post conservative thoughts by having an integrated system without being skeptical just to save millions of lives!